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You can lead a horse to water, but he or she shouldn’t drink unless it’s spring water

Have you ever noticed that laundromats never have a name above the entrance that can be read? Most of the signs have fallen, or the pressed on letters have peeled off. If they do have names that can be read, you forget them as soon as you read them. Names such as: Sudsy-Soapy Palace, Suds and Stuff or W-A-S-H. In the glorious Castro in San Francisco, the gay boys have one that’s aptly named Sit-IN-Spin. There you can buy a latte or cappuccino with a scone, cinnamon bun, or a sandwich. How civilized! But g-boys often make dull things fabulous and wonderful. Maybe some boys in the Castro can come up with a list of fun innovative names for the rest of the Bay Area. Maybe there’s a career in it. Not! But it was fun to think about.